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Jeffries Creek Preservation Project

 Please see the progress report for the Jeffries Creek Preservation Project. 

Jeffries Creek is the largest watershed and wetlands area in the Pee Dee area. It occupies 137,000 acres of the Coastal Plain and 195 stream miles. It travels through the heart of Florence and terminates in the Pee Dee River. Jeffries Creek Case Statement

Jeffries Creek Runs through Florence. Several parks border Jeffries Creek including Jeffries Creek Nature Park. which consists of 55 acres of wetland  with a half mile hike/bike trail that winds along the water through a thick swamp of giant cypress trees. To get to the park take Wisteria or Hillside west from Edisto between Cherokee and Second Loop. Official site.  You can also visit Jeffries Creek via the Florence Hike/Bike Trail and Freedom Florence.

jeff1.jpg (147955 bytes)Jeffries Creek Park-Fall jeff3.jpg (172886 bytes)Jeffries Creek Park jeffries1.jpg (122998 bytes)Jeffries Creek Park jeff7.jpg (137633 bytes)Jeffries Creek Nature Park-Spring bikefoliage.jpg (165630 bytes)Jeffries Creek Nature Park- Fall
signjeff.jpg (126870 bytes)Entrance to Jeffries Creek Park duckhouse.jpg (161694 bytes)Duck House calm.jpg (99930 bytes)Jeffries Creek Park bridge.jpg (153196 bytes)Foot trail Jeffries Creek Park jeffries creek.jpg (407628 bytes)Jeffries Creek at Freedom Florence
wwbuttress2.jpg (279317 bytes)Jeffries Creek near McLeod Park Buttressed trunks of tupelo trees help them stay up in soft soil jeffries3.jpg (240739 bytes)Under the old railroad trestle on the Hike Bike Trail jeffriespm.jpg (171394 bytes)Jeffries Creek at Paper Mill Road sweep crew -cropped.jpg (1371962 bytes)River Sweep crew lynn n kayak-smaller.jpg (172498 bytes)River Sweep


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